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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  November 9, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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welcome to "newsline." u.s. president barack obama says it's he time to bget back to wok on the economy. he says they can start by going along with his plan to extend tax breaks for the middle class. obama used the first speech since re-election to outline his plan to cut the federal deficit. he said he wants to raise taxes on the rich and says the majority of americans agree with his approach. >> nobody, not republicans, not democrats, want taxes to go up for folks making under $250,000
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a year. so leept's not wait. even as we negotiate a broader deficit reduction package, let's extend the middle class tax cuts right now. >> obama is open to compromise and new ideas and he'll invite john boehner to the white house next week to look for common ground. boehner said higher taxes just for the wealthy are unacceptable. still, republicans and democrats agree on the need to aavoid a so-called fiscal cliff. attention is now focused on whether they can narrow their differences on higher taxes for the rich. top officials from across china are mapping out where the country will go over the next five years. they're taking part in a communist party's congress. much of the process goes on behind closed doors, and that makes the job of journalism that much harder. still the political transition is one of the biggest stories going right now, so despite the
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reconstructiostrictions no medi wants to miss out. >> reporter: they got up early to get in line outside the great hall of the people. journalists from china and abroad, hundreds of them. they're all jockeying to get a better position for the opening of the communist party's congress. journalists from around the world have converged on beijing underlying the international community's keen interest on what direction china will take with the changeover in power. chinese government officials say more than 2700 domestic and international journalists are covering the meeting. media are trying to find out something, anything about this secretive political process. it's not easy. >> it was really difficult to get to talk with any delegates of the congress.
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they didn't want to talk with anyone that constituent from any chinese media. >> china is a tough beat for foreign journalists, especially when the congress is on. government officials and others shy away from certain subjects. >> sometimes it can be difficult to find an expert here who can tell you something about sensitive issues. >> reporter: and government censors carefully manage information. they interrupted nh k's broadcast in china on three days in congress. programs looking at the gap between rich and poor or clamp downs will black for 30 minutes. the biggest challenge is controlling the internet. here in china restrictions are placed on search engines. this is an example you might remember that controversial
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issues involving his family. >> the government blocked "the new york times" website because it reported his relatives profited from his time in power. many chinese search engines have banners promoting the congress but queries about leaders turn up partial information or no information at all. this journalist sometimes coming up short researching for the stories she files for a ukranian wire service. >> due to the chinese rules and regulations, of course, if there is something going on, sometimes you cannot access it. >> reporter: china's rise has given foreign media much to write and talk about. but it's a story that can frustrate even the most persistent of journalists. nhk world, beijing.
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the international atomic energy agency says it will resume talks in december with iranian officials for the first time in about four months. they made the announcement on friday. the agency is demanding that iran allow u.n. inspectors access to the country's military facility in the outskirts of tehran to verify the weapons development program. since january this year the iaea has had six meetings with iran's government to discuss verification methods. diplomatic sources say the agency's mission is likely to be led by the chief nuclear inspector deputy inspector general. the iaea is asking iran to allow it multiple access to the facility but the iranians insist that on-site inspection is allowed only once. it's unclear whether the upcoming talks can narrow the differences between the two
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sides. tdebris from the tsunami tht hit japan last year is going across the pacific. much could wash ashore in north america next month. an estimates 1.5 million tons of wreckage is floating towards the united states and canada. scientist at kyoto university are analyzing the debris movements. they say 33,000 tons of material may wash ashore in north america by june. they say fishing boats, bowuoys and other items could be in in the philippines by february. they have given the prediction to officials in the united states and canada. cleaning up contamination from the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant is a bigger task than anyone expected.
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the firm that owns the plant laid out the new plan to get on top of the job. tokyo electric power company's president visited the environment minister. he described his plan to increase the number of decontamination workers threefold to 300. >> translator: we want to get advice from ministry officials, then dispatch experts on civil engineering and radioactivity. we want to do a good job. >> the minister says he wants workers to be more pro active so they can make the region safe as soon as possible. coming up, our three-day world weather forecast.
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finally a story about an unlikely relationship between a mon k mon kei and cat. a female baboon was the adoptive mother of a stray kit continue. the kitten wandered into the baboon's cage and they have lived together ever since. they seem to get on well, video shows her grooming the kitten and pulling it back when she tries to leave. she rarely lets tout of the site. the baboon often steals the kitten's food. if she continues to do so, they have no choice but to separate the two friends. that's all for this hour on "newsline." thank you for watching.
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